Frequently asked questions

What are you doing about COVID19 and CDC/State Guidelines?

10 student caps, masks worn at all times in the studio, temperature checks at the door, and we disinfect the studio in between classes.

How can I teach there?

If you want to be an instructor, send us an email or send us a DM on instagram.

Can I get refund if I buy a ticket to a class?

Classes are nonrefundable unless we can't teach for any reason, or if we substitute the instructor in which then the class is refundable before you take it, not after. If you can't attent the class someone else can take the class in your behalf. Because of the limited class sizes and to keep the place running we can't afford to refund people tickets if they don't go. But please reach out to us if you can't go, we will try our best to accomodate you somehow.

Can you take a class online?

As of now classes taught at the studio are not offered online. We have plans of setting up video for classes, specially after the covid19 pandemic passes, so you can take the class from home either live or after on demand. We are offering courses indie media produced over the last 3 years online through skillshare. If you go to the "Online Course" section of our site you can see those.

How do I get access to videos shot of me?

When you sign the waiver at the studio you get a link sent to the email provided with where you can see footage from all classes. If you lost that link send us a DM on instagram or email.