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  • How do I sign up for a Class?
    On the homepage of our website is a list of all upcoming classes. From there you can sign up to take any of those classes. On top of that we have a Beginner Dance Academy which makes up 6 classes on the weekends you can take for either $25 for a day or $40 for the month. You sign up to take those by going to the Academy page of our website.
  • How do I get access to videos shot of me?
    You can send us a message on instagram @indiemedia or email us at for the link to the videos.
  • Can I get refund if I buy a ticket to a class?
    Classes are nonrefundable, but we are willing to give a credit for a class you can't make if you notify us before the class starts. Classes are also a little more affordable if you purchase them ahead of time than paying in person, and helps make the process smoother when getting you into class. Also having students signed up online encourages instructors to keep their classes, when no one signs up for a class online instructors would most likely cancel class not knowing if people will show up in person. So signing up helps keep classes going.
  • Can you take a class online?
    As of now classes taught at the studio are not offered online.
  • How can I teach there?
    If you want to be an instructor please fill out the form on our website to teach with your availability. Bases on your availability we will try to set you up with a class.
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