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Priscilla Sanchez

Dance Instructor

Priscilla has been dancing since she could remember but really fell in love with the discipline of dance when she was 11. First starting off in the competitive world with a 10 year career at Xtreme Dance Force where she trained in hip hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary and lyrical. She was exposed to choreographers from across the nation and around the world, which fueled her hunger to learn even more. Her desire to continue growing happened by exploring the Chicago dance community. In doing so, she joined The Puzzle League and Coda. Priscilla’s credits include World of Dance Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A and Dallas; Choreographer’s Carnival Chicago and Urbanite. Along with performing and traveling she has a strong love for fitness and health, as she is pursuing a nursing degree. She is currently still teaching kids about both dance and life because she believes it’s more than just dance steps. Her passion for holistic health fused with her creative artistic abilities makes her eager to teach and inspire.

Classes Teaching

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