Nancy Urios

Dance Instructor

Nancy is a Chicago based creative and teaching artist who has been dancing for more than 15 years and teaching dance around Chicago for the past 5 years. She has trained in various street styles such as Hip Hop, Popping and Voguing as well as Latin, Choreography, and Ballroom. She has performed, competed, and choreographed in several events throughout the Midwest and West Coast, created dance concept videos as well as featured in a couple of music videos. In 2017 she began focusing on freestyle (improv) after being inspired by the culture and people in the community as well as her curiosity to further understand her own movement. She has battled (competed) throughout the Midwest and immersed herself in the culture to further her education and training. Through her classes, she aims to create a safe space for students to learn basic foundation and technique and be able to use it to cultivate their love for dance and movement.

Classes Teaching